Antropologipäivät 2010

Finnish Anthropology Conference 2010
Ideas of Value: Inquiries in Anthropology
Helsinki 11-12th May, 2010

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Second Call for Papers:

The annual Finnish Anthropology Conference, hosted by the Finnish Anthropological Society, is being held in Helsinki in May 11th-12th 2010 and proposals for individual papers are now being invited. The principal theme of the conference – Ideas of Value – introduces a notion which has been employed in anthropology and related disciplines to illuminate economic, ethical, linguistic, aesthetic, and political aspects of the human experience. More recently, anthropologists have become interested in the linkages between different sets of values. These discussions, about ethical and economic value, for example, have sought to discover what seemingly opposite notions of value could have in common. Consequently, value is studied by moving through different spheres and categories of culture and society. This perspective complements an older, but still increasingly topical, approach which explores how the value of ideas, material objects and social relationships changes as persons and things move from place to place. The multiple meanings and uses of the value concept connect it to a wide variety of research topics: money and currencies, art and material culture, social movements and political values, ethics and religion, language and speech – just to mention a few examples. Exploration of the concept, therefore, is an important conference goal.

This is an opportunity for scholars in disciplines which connect with inquiries in anthropology to exchange ideas and approaches on an interdisciplinary basis – an exciting project – so we welcome participants from all associated fields. Make use of the opportunity to meet with your Nordic and Baltic network partners: the event promises to be rewarding both scholastically and socially.

The topics and guidelines for confirmed sessions may be accessed at:

Finnish Anthropology Conference 2010 session abstracts (opens in a new window)

Abstracts of individual presentations for these sessions (approximately 250 words) are now invited: the deadline is March 31st 2010. Please submit these as word file attachments both to co-ordinators of sessions and anna.a.autio(a)

Confirmed Key Note Speakers:
• Keith Hart (Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, Goldsmiths & University of London)
• Jukka Siikala (Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Helsinki)
• Martin Holbraad (University College London)

To assist with running costs, a conference fee of 50€ is payable by non-members of the Finnish Anthropological Society; alternatively, yearly membership of the Society is 35€ and includes delivery of the quarterly publication: “Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society” (a possible publication venue for conference papers). Details of membership requirements are available at the Society’s membership pages.