Online seminar

29.10.2020, 9.00-16.00 (plenty of breaks between the sessions)

Ethnographic Research Methods in Childhood Studies

A key premise of childhood studies is that children are the best experts on their own lives. Researchers, however, need to consider how to gain access to children’s views and experiences. Ethnographic research is one way to gain information about children’s lives, views and experiences; but how can an adult researcher participate in children’s lives? In this workshop we discuss the joys and challenges of ethnographic research among children. We will elaborate on different ethnographic practices and the researcher’s position in the field. What does participatory observation with children mean? What kind of knowledge can we get and how? What kind of visual tools can be utilised as part of ethnographic research in childhood studies?

At first, professor Laura Assmuth and academy research fellow Mari Korpela will tell about their own ethnographic research with children. Then, participants will give their presentations followed by discussion. The workshop is multidisciplinary and meant for anyone involved or interested in ethnographic research methods in childhood studies. Students doing their master’s thesis or PhD are particularly welcome. The workshop will be organised online on Zoom. The workshop is free of charge.  

Sign up by submitting an abstract (maximum 200 words) by 30 September 2020. You can also participate without a presentation.

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Presentations can be given in Finnish or English.

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In collaboration with:

The Finnish Anthropological Society

Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research

Visual Studies Lab

Tampere University

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