The Anthropological Deed Award* for 2023 was given to University Lecturer Maarit Forde for her establishment and teaching of a decolonization workshop at the University of Helsinki. The workshop provides concrete discussions on decolonization, not only within the discipline of anthropology but also within the scientific community, reaching audiences beyond anthropology. The workshop could serve as a model at the faculty and university levels across Finland. Discussing and deeply addressing decolonization is a topic many students have requested at the institutional level, and Forde’s workshop has been an excellent response to this demand. Additionally, Forde has significantly promoted the crucial decolonization approach in her own research activities within anthropology.

Congratulations – and thank you – Maarit!

*The Anthropological Deed Award can be granted to either an individual or a group based on one of the following criteria:

– Advancing anthropological research and its possibilities

– Making anthropological research visible

– Providing an anthropological perspective to societal discourse

– Significantly improving anthropology education

– Other justified reasons

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