Submit a proposal for the Finnish Anthropological Society’s Anthropological Act of the Year 2023 award by 31.1.2024!

The award may be granted to an individual or a group in view of:

  • Advancing or enabling anthropological research;
  • Making anthropological research visible;
  • Offering anthropological views to social/political debates;
  • Contributing to the development of anthropological teaching; or other related achievements.

In the proposal, please state clearly

  • name(s) of the proposed award recipient(s)
  • rationale for the proposal
  • name/names of the person/group behind the proposal

Please submit your proposal by January 31st, 2024 by email:

The recipient of the award will be chosen at the Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society on 27.3.2024.

Recipients of the award from previous years: Siru Aura (2022), Helinä Rautavaara Museum (2021), Anna Tuomikoski and Tutkijaliitto (2020), Culturereels film festival (2019), Susanne Dahlgren (2018), AntroBlogi (2017).

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