The Finnish Anthropological Society

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The Finnish Anthropological Society is a learned society founded in 1975. The core function of the Society is to promote research of high quality in the fields of anthropology and disciplines closely related to anthropology. The Society also creates public venues for discussing and disseminating anthropological knowledge and aims at consolidating the identity of anthropologists working in Finland.

Events of the Finnish Anthropological Society and in Finnish anthropology

The Finnish Anthropological Society and the anthropologists at the School of social sciences and humanities of the University of Tampere arrange a discussion on the current state and future possibilities of anthropology on Friday, Dec. 16, 2016 at 3pm. After the discussion, the Christmas Party of the Society will be held. The place: University of Tampere, Linna 5026 (5th floor), Kalevantie 5. (More information about the discussion topics and invited speakers)

The Viscult Film Festival of Anthropological and Ethnographic Documentaries is held this year on Oct 25–28 in Joensuu.

The 2016 Spring Party of the Society was held on Thursday, June 2 from 5pm on in Tokoinranta (next to Hakaniemi) in Helsinki.

The annual meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on March 30, 2016 at 6-8pm at the House of Science and Letters (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). Before the meeting, Dr Marko Juntunen (University of Tampere) gave a lecture titled “Muslimiväestöä jakavat konfliktit ja islamia ympäröivä turvallisuuteen ja sosiaalisiin uhkiin kytkeytyvä keskustelu monikulttuurisessa lähiössä.”
Annual meeting agenda (doc, in Finnish)

The 2015 biennial conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on October 21–22, 2015 in Helsinki under the topic Landscapes, Sociality and Materiality.

The keynote speech was given by Prof Anna Tsing (University of California Santa Cruz) on the topic “Feral Landscapes: Unintended Geographies and the “Patchy Anthropocene” (see abstract, pdf).

The Edward Westermarck Memorial Lecture of 2015 was given on the occasion of the conference by Prof Philippe Descola (Collège de France) with the title “Landscape as Transfiguration” (see abstract, pdf) on Thursday, Oct 22, 2015.

The 2nd Helsinki Knots Symposium was also arranged on the occasion of the Conference with the topic Relations and Dependencies: disciplinary knots (see the full program, pdf) in Oct 23, 2015 (Friday).