Searching for proposals for the The Finnish Anthropological Society’s Anthropological Act of the Year 2018 award!

Last year’s award was given to anthropological online publication AntroBlogi for its notable impact on the general publicity of anthropology in Finland. An honorable mention was given to Sarah Green, who has significantly advanced and enabled anthropological research in Finland.

Please make a proposal for the recipient of the 2018 award! The award may be granted to an individual or a group on the following grounds: Advancing or enabling anthropological research; making anthropological research visible; participating as an anthropologist in social/political debates; contributing to the development of anthropological teaching; or other related achievements.

The proposal needs to include the name(s) of the proposed award recipient(s), name/names of the person/group making the proposal, as well as justifications for the proposal (max. 1 page). The award will be given at the Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society in February/March 2019.

Please send your proposal by January 31st, 2019 by e-mail or post:


Finnish Anthropological Society
Social and Cultural Anthropology
P.O. Box 18
00014 University of Helsinki

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