Events archive 2008–2015

The 2015 biennial conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on October 21–22, 2015 in Helsinki under the topic Landscapes, Sociality and Materiality.

The keynote speech was given by Prof Anna Tsing (University of California Santa Cruz) on the topic “Feral Landscapes: Unintended Geographies and the “Patchy Anthropocene” (see abstract, pdf).

The Edward Westermarck Memorial Lecture of 2015 was given on the occasion of the conference by Prof Philippe Descola (Collège de France) with the title “Landscape as Transfiguration” (see abstract, pdf) on Thursday, Oct 22, 2015.

The 2nd Helsinki Knots Symposium was also arranged on the occasion of the Conference with the topic Relations and Dependencies: disciplinary knots (see the full program, pdf) in Oct 23, 2015 (Friday).

The annual meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on March 25, 2015. Ph.D. Katja Uusihakala was selected as the new President of the Society. In the beginning, Professor Sarah Green from the University of Helsinki gave a lecture titled “Anthropology beyond holism – towards a cultural and social theory of knots.”

Anthropology Conference 2013

The 2013 Finnish Anthropology Conference was held on May 16–17, 2013 in the University of Tampere under the theme Culture, creativity and performativity.
Conference program and info on keynote lectures and Researching creativitypanel (pdf)
Paper abstracts (pdf, 21 p)
The keynote speakers were Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen, UK), Steven Feld(University of New Mexico, USA), and Jocelyne Guilbault University of California Berkeley, USA).

Professor Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) gave the Edward Westermarck Memorial Lecture titled Anthropology Beyond Humanity on May 15, 2013 at 6 pm at the House of Science and Letters (Tieteiden talo), lecture hall 104 (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki).

The annual meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on March 6, 2013 at 18–20 at Tieteiden talo, room 405 (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). The meeting begun by a lecture by Professor Hannu I. Heikkinen from the University of Oulu titled “Climate change, mines, and welfare: challenges of Cultural Anthropology in multidisciplinary research projects.”

The Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on Thursday, March 29, 2012. The new President of the Finnish Anthropological Society is Laura Huttunen (Social Anthropology, University of Tampere), and the Vice President is Sirpa Tenhunen (Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki).

Annual Conference 2011

The 2011 Annual Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held in Helsinki on 5th-7th October 2011 under the theme Dynamic Anthropology: Tensions between Theory and Practice.

Westermarck Memorial Lecture

Professor Joel Robbins gave the Edvard Westermarck Memorial Lecture in Helsinki on 5th October 2011 titled Transcendence and the Anthropology of Christianity (lecture abstract – pdf)

Open Forum

Somali lives revisited – how transnationalism shapes Somali communities, families and persons
Dr. Petri Hautaniemi: A preliminary introduction: Somali lives and transnationalism – why anthropology matters?, Dr. Mulki Al-Sharmani: Somali Transnational Family Lives: Some Reflections on Gender and Power Dynamicsand Dr. Marja Tiilikainen: Scattered lives: Making sense of illness in transnational Somali families
May 10th at 5-7 pm. Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki), room 312.

Guest lecture

Dr Simone Abram gave a lecture titled Performing National Nature: Norwegian hytter, and The Norwegian hytte on May 5th. The even took place at 2 pm at Tieteiden talo, room 312 (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki).

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society was held on 9th March 2011. The guest lecture was given by Dr Thomas Strong (University of Maynooth, Ireland) on the topic Everybody’s Sad, Everybody’s Mad: Epidemic Affect in Culture and Cultural Theory.

Samuli Schielke: Keskiluokan ja kapitalismin lupaukset ja arki Egyptissä

Samuli Schielke is a researcher at Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berliin. PhD. Susanne Dahlgren will discuss the situation in Yemen after the lecture. The event is in Finnish.
Tue 8.2.2011 klo 17 – 19,
Tieteiden talo, room 312 (Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki)

Annual Conference 2010

Helsinki 11-12th May, 2010
Ideas of Value: Inquiries in Anthropology
Call for sessions and papers Kutsu osallistujille

Westermarck Memorial Lecture by Marilyn Strathern

Professor Marilyn Strathern gave the Westermarck Memorial Lecture on December 9, 2009. Read more.

Guest lecture by Helene Brembeck

Helene Brembeck, Professor in Ethnology at the University of Gothenburg (Göteborg) gave a guest lecture Toys Matter: McDonald’s Toys and Nordic Childhoods organized by the Finnish Anthropological Society and the Department of Sociology of the University of Helsinki on September 23, 2009, 16-18 o’clock, Kirkkokatu 6 (Helsinki), lecture hall 505 (read more)

Moral symmetry and material agency: negotiations on agent-object relations

A two-day workshop jointly organized by the Finnish Association of Consumer Research and The Finnish Anthropological Society in September 24-25, 2009 in Helsinki. Abstracts due: May 31. Read more.

The Annual Convention of Finnish Anthropologists
Continuity Through Change: Anthropological perspectives in the contemporary world

Arranged by the Department of Social Research, University of Tampere, together with The Finnish Anthropological Society
7th -8th of May, 2009, University of Tampere
Annual Convention 2009: Call for papersProgramWorkshopsInformation

Annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Finnish Anthropological Society is held on February 11th at Tieteiden talo, room 505 (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). Professor Ulla Vuorela (University of Tampere), BSSc Jenny Stenbäck (University of Helsinki) and the President of the Society Minna Ruckenstein will address the state and prospects of anthropology in Finland. The event is held in Finnish.

Tieteiden yö 8.1.2009

The Finnish Anthropological Society at Laterna Magica (Rauhankatu 7, Helsinki). Jari Kupiainen will present video material from his long-term fieldwork in the Solomon Islands

Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Centenary 28.11.2008

The Finnish Anthropological Society together with the French Cultural Centre in Finland are organizing a celebration to honour the centenary of Claude Lévi-Strauss at the French Cultural Centre’s premises in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. The program consists of short presentations and documentary films.

Maurice Godelier in Helsinki 11.-13.11.2008

The distinguished anthropologist Maurice Godelier will arrive as a guest of the Finnish Anthropological Society and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki in November and will be giving a public lecture at Tieteiden talo in room 505 on Thursday 13.11. at 4 p.m.

Finnish Anthropology Symposium – Antropologipäivät – May 15 – 17 2008

The Finnish Anthropological Society together with the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki organized an anthropology symposium in Helsinki in May. The idea was to continue the discussion started at the annual general meeting about the structural changes now taking place in Finnish universities and the place of anthropology in the academic world, meanwhile taking a more concrete look at contemporary Finnish anthropology. The symposium consisted of 22 short presentations in nine thematic sessions, with topics ranging from such classic themes as kinship, ritual, and myth, to other more recent explorations in anthropology: from studies of childhood in modern Western societies through transnationalism and diaspora to aspects of doing fieldwork in today’s world. Despite very modest promotion the lecture halls were crowded throughout the three-day event and a good number of researchers and students from outside of Helsinki also gathered to take part in the presentations and discussions.

Annual General Meeting 2008

The Society’s AGM was held on 26.3.2008 in Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). Professor Jukka Siikala gave a talk on the future of anthropology which was followed by discussion. In addition to this the Society presented its recent and planned upcoming activities to its members and the meeting voted to agree with proposed changes in the Society’s constitution.

Anthropological Film Nights

The Society began presenting monthly anthropological film screenings in January 2008 and the screenings continue in the fall with six nights in Kuppala (Snellmaninkatu 14, Helsinki). As in the spring term the screenings are organized together with the student organization Mana and the fall program connects with Mirja Metsola’s course on visual anthropology in the anthropology department at the University of Helsinki. All screenings begin at 6 p.m. and are free of charge.