Annual Convention 2009

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The Department of Social Research, University of Tampere, together with The Finnish Anthropological Society present:

The Annual Convention of Finnish Anthropologists
Continuity through Change: Anthropological perspectives in the contemporary world

7th – 8th of May, 2009
Venue: University of Tampere

Cultural difference, together with different forms of sociality, constitutes the core of anthropological inquiry. The phenomena that comprise what is termed ‘globalization’ have made such inquiry even more topical; the movement of people and cultural influences across nation-state borders has not homogenized the world, but rather created an acute need to understand the dynamics of both cultural continuity and change. The annual convention of social and cultural anthropologists in Finland in 2009 focuses on ways in which continuity and change are intertwined in the contemporary world. Ethnographic fieldwork, the basis of anthropological research, gives us an excellent opportunity to analyze the dynamics between everyday praxis, cultural orders and global structures in today’s world.

We invite all anthropologists and researchers from related disciplines to participate!

Keynote speakers

Signe Howell, University of Oslo: Continuity through Change. Three Decades of Engaging with Chewong (Malaysia). Some Issues Raised by Multitemporal Fieldwork

Stef Jansen, University of Manchester: Hope, Normality and the State after the Post-Yugoslav Wars

Ulla Vuorela, University of Tampere: Ways of Knowing: The Anthropologist as a Transnational Subject

Registered workshops

(Further details on workshops)

1. The Ways forward: Intersections of Post-Socialist and Post-Conflict Societies (abstracts, pdf)
Chairs: Laura Assmuth, Laura Huttunen and Ulla Vuorela

2. Luonto antropologisessa keskustelussa (abstraktit, pdf)
Chair: Anu Lounela

4. Where is the Field? (abstracts, pdf)
Chairs: Hanna Snellman and Laura Schwöbel

6. Visuaalinen ja media-antropologia (abstraktit, pdf)
Chair: Jari Kupiainen

7. Medical Anthropology (abstracts, pdf)
Chair: Marja-Liisa Honkasalo

8. Changes and Continuities in Expressive Culture (abstracts, pdf)
Chair: Marianna Keisalo-Galván

9. African Diaspora in Finland/Europe (abstracts, pdf)
Chairs: Perpetual Crentsil and Anna Rastas

10. Rahan antropologia (abstraktit, pdf)
Chairs: Timo Kallinen and Minna Ruckenstein

We invite you to send your paper proposals (max. 250 words) to the chairs of the workshops by April 9, 2009. The workshops may be held in English or in Finnish – see Workshops for further details. Authors will be notified on acceptance by April 20, 2009.