The Anthropological Act of the Year 2019 award has been granted by the Finnish Anthropological Society in its annual general meeting on March 12, 2020.

The award was granted to Cultureels Ethnographic Film Festival for accomplishments in making anthropology and ethnography better known to the Finnish general public. Organized for the first time in April 2019, Cultureels gathered fans of ethnographic films to Kino Engel, Helsinki for an extended weekend. Organized entirely by students of anthropology from the University of Helsinki, the small but notable film festival presented a respectable variety of ethnographic films from all over the world, including the premiere of My Neighbor, the Polar Bear by AntroBlogi.

For more information regarding the upcoming Cultureels 2020, visit the festival’s main page:

Since 2018, the Society has given Anthropological Act of the Year awards for individuals and groups on the grounds of advancing or enabling anthropological research, making anthropological research visible, participating as an anthropologist in social and political debates, contributing to the development of anthropological teaching, or other related achievements.

The Finnish Anthropological Society would like to warmly congratulate the organizers of Cultureels on receiving the award!

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